Making sure you visit the dentist frequently for your dental check-up is vital to ensure you have a great looking smile and a healthy mouth. By coming into the dental practise it gives our experienced dentists the chance to check to see if you have any issues with your oral health.

This allows us to catch any little problems that are arising before they become more serious and difficult to treat. A common myth for people getting dental check-ups is once every 6months this isn’t the case. Some people do need to attend more often to keep on top of the dental issues they are having. By visiting for your dental check-up we will be in the best position to advise on your next check-up date.

What can you expect during a dental check-up?

  • First of all we will exam all aspects of your oral health. This is your teeth, gums and mouth helping us to pick up on any issues or give advice on new methods of improving the hygiene standard.
  • Our dentists will also enquire about your general health since the last visit. They will also ask how your teeth, mouth and gums have been. So if you have noticed anything irregular since the last visit now is the perfect time to let us know.
  • As well as asking about your general health we are also keen to understand your smoking and drinking habits as well as what you are eating and drinking as part of your diet. Our dentists can then give you some expert advice on what is bad for your teeth.
  • On request we can also go through with yourself the best practise of brushing and maintaining a health mouth. It sounds silly but there is a large amount of people who get the very basics of brushing their teeth wrong.
  • Finally we will discuss any work that needs done at this point. If your teeth are in great shape and you do not require any further dental treatment we will book your next check up.

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