A Selection of Professional Fees – 2017


Initial examination and consultation, including x-rays £82.00

Routine examination £42.00

Small x-rays (each) £15.00

Hygienist visits for scaling and oral care instruction from £54.00

Amalgam fillings from £80.00

Tooth coloured fillings from £95.00

Functional non-precious alloy metal crown from £457.00

Gold crown £500.00 (plus cost of gold)

Cosmetic crown (bonded porcelain on semi-precious metal) from £550.00

Porcelain veneers from £610.00

CEREC crowns, veneers, inlays, on-lays £645.00

Full mouth tooth whitening – take home tray system from £420.00

Endodontic treatments: incisors or canines from £275.00

Endodontic treatment: premolars from £350.00

Endodontic treatment: molars from £400.00

Extraction of front teeth from £130.00

Extraction of premolars from £150.00

Extraction of molars from £200.00

Surgical extraction of retained roots of incisors or canines from £250.00

Surgical extraction of molars other than wisdom teeth from £375.00

Implants from – with crown £2,500.00

Crowns for implants placed at another practice from £1,200.00

Fees may vary and they will be confirmed at the initial appointment prior to any treatment commencing.

A written estimate can be requested.