The preventive approach is very pragmatic approach to oral and dental health and is one of the basic tenants of good oral health. Generally speaking, we tend to take a reactionary approach to all our issues and problems and dental health and hygiene is no stranger to the above. A couple of decades ago there were no “guidelines” as to when one should routinely go in for a dental check-up.

Dental and health organisations around the world took a sort of an informed guess and came up with a pretty good generic solution which recommended a bi-yearly visit to the friendly dentist. As with all domains requiring the services of professionals, it is always best to visit your dentist at least twice in a year. Even if one takes the best of care of one’s teeth, there are still lot of areas that one may not be able to see until it is too late, as an example it is not easy to see tooth decay until you experience some pain or it is visible – both the indications are of a later and advanced stage of decay. Regular visits to the dentist allow the identification of the issue / problem at an early stage which in effect leads to an increase in the treatment prospects.

Our clinicians are trained to detect early signs of disease using the latest technology and are ideally suited to provide you and your family with various preventive plans which can be fine tuned to meet the specific requirements of your family.